Local Weather Application Task

Hello campers,

I have just finished building my Local Weather Application. The use of Dark Sky API to get weather related JSON data and then to parse and display them using jQuery was quite interesting.

The link of the completed task is given below -

Your feedback and opinions are always welcomed.
Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

One minor fix, you can change the current temperature from C to F, but you cannot change the “Feels Like” from C to F.
For someone who uses Fahrenheit for everything, that is an issue :slight_smile:
Besides that, it looks pretty good, but you should go to someone who knows what they’re doing for confirmation. I’m still learning here too.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to fix that as soon as possible.
But what did you mean by to go to someone and ask for confirmation?

Confirmation if the coding itself is correct, I only checked the final product and I don’t know enough to critique other’s code.

Hi, my app is 95% done but …
I have problem with toggle button from Local Weather Task .

If i try to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit it’s work , then i can change back from Fahrenheit to Celsius and after second click i can’t change from Celsius to Fahrenheit .

I stuck with this :slight_smile:

Here is a link to my code : https://codepen.io/terziyski/pen/MrvYJO

App is complete …

Your feedback and opinions are always welcomed.

The conversion was not working properly because in both the cases whether the condition degrees == temp is true or not, you were using the most recently updated value of the variable degrees. It will show the correct value of temperature, if you change the body of the else condition as follows -

degrees = temp;
$("#degrees").html(degrees + " °C");