Local weather challenge. Added https://crossorigin.me/ but still doesnt work

Hi all,

Before posting this I did notice other people were reporting issues with the openweathermap api so I added the https://crossorigin.me/ in front to try to fix. Nonetheless, I still cant view anything (not even my buttons) using Firefox OR Chrome. I dont know why its not working. Any advice/help would be truly appreciated.

Here is my codepin link: https://codepen.io/Iamfareel/pen/yXpXEX?editors=0011

Im having the same problem. Nothing seems to be working. I tested openWeatherMap and Dark Sky and both dont work. I looked at examples of other codepens, including the example on freecodecamp, but I havent found a single working weather app.

Nevermind, I just tried Dark Sky and it works.

Dark sky works with “?callback=?” added onto the end of the API link as well, so no need to add the crossorigin.me link

Thanks. I switched my API to Dark Sky and added the “?callback=?” on the end and now its working!