LocalStorage Issue

Hi there, just working on a quiz and my question is, below in the code, it mentions “localstorage”, I take it that is where the entries are stored.
1/ Where exactly are they stored?
2/is it a file I can edit?

At this stage I have no idea where the entries (highscores) are stored.
It must be a file somewhere as they are shown in another file that has:
<ul id="highScoresList" class="q-ul-list"></ul>
In it, I understand they are stored as list items but WHERE???

I have some test entries I would like to delete, hence me wanting to edit the entries.

Another question is: Is it possible to store the entries in a given file, like "entries.inc "?

PS: I got the code off a YouTube video.

const username = document.getElementById('username');
const saveScoreBtn = document.getElementById('saveScoreBtn');
const finalScore = document.getElementById('finalScore');
const mostRecentScore = localStorage.getItem('mostRecentScore');

const highScores = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('highScores')) || [];

const MAX_HIGH_SCORES = 1000;

finalScore.innerText = mostRecentScore;

username.addEventListener('keyup', () => {
    saveScoreBtn.disabled = !username.value;

saveHighScore = (e) => {

    const score = {
        score: mostRecentScore,
        name: username.value,
    highScores.sort((a, b) => b.score - a.score);

    localStorage.setItem('highScores', JSON.stringify(highScores));

Screenshot (3)
You will find it in the the Application tab.

It is not a file; just key-value pairs that can be edited by you and your users.
It’s an object, I think

So this is not secure if anybody can go delete them?

I just did and thank you for your answer.
My next question then is, can I redo the code to store it in a folder or plain file?

Yes. It’s mostly used to store user preference (like theme, on and on), and not sensitive stuffs ( it can be accessed, cleared, and edited by the user).

I have no idea about that. I have not read that about local storage. Maybe you will have to create such functionality by yourself.

More on local storage

Hi there, I meant is it possible using say PHP to grab the local content and store it in a . inc file for instance?