Any other methods that functionally do the same thing since it doesn’t work on codepen? Closest I found is history.go(0) though it refreshes the whole page.

What is it that you’re trying to accomplish with a page reload? There is probably a better way.

i have used it on codepen. i’m sure location.reload() works on codepen

i used it initially on my recipe box. i was having problems re-initializing the js on a component in react. eventually i figured out a better solution, if you had an example of it not working maybe we could figure it out.


go to debug mode and get out of the codepen infrastructure, i just ran tests. it will not work in edit or full page mode. you must use debug mode. when u share the pen just share a link to that. also it might be good to share the specific problem you are having that you want to use location.reload that will help me help you think of a work around if you still need one