Logical order for else if

So without touching the intitial code all numbers pass through the system check.
I have attempted to change the order so no two inequalities will will take each others place such as 
 for less than ten and less than 5 for orderMyLogic(4);
what logic will supercede this problem?

function orderMyLogic(val) {
if (val < 10) { return “Less than 10”; }

else if (val < 5) { return “Less than 5”;}

else {return “Greater than or equal to 10”;}


// Change this value to test

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So for an input of 4 it will return on the first condition (val<10) and ignore anything below it, not what you want. Remember that when it hits a return, it is done. Try reordering your tests with this in mind.

perfect! Thank you.