Logical Order in If Else Statementz

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I have no idea what I am doing wrong here please help.

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function orderMyLogic(val) {
  if (val < 10) {
    return "Less than 10";
  } else if (val < 5) {
    return "Less than 5";
  } else {
    return "Greater than or equal to 10";

// Change this value to test

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Hi @20curetonc

You need to think about the order in which the if statements are being executed.

If your super stuck:

orderMyLogic(4) is both less than 10 and less than 5, so because the less than 10 gets evaluated first then ir returns "Less than 10". So to get this right you need to switch val < 10 and val < 5 around, along with their corresponding return statements.