Login form that redirects user to specific page

Hey there campers, it’s been a while…
This is what I would like to do:

  1. Login form on home page (user name & password)
    once a user logs in they are redirected to a specific URL dependent on the specific user.
    EX. User1 : redirects to www.user1page.com
    User2 : redirects to www.user2page.com
    and so forth.
    I figure this will require 3 elements
    html form
    php handler
    sql database with at least 3 fields (user name, password, redirect url)

My question is if anybody has a link to a good tutorial / code snippets showing how to do this.

Thanks in advance

What have you tried so far?

Nothing so far starting the search and figured this was a good place to start.
Looking into stack overflow and such but thought that someone here might have done something like this already.

It would be quite simple to implement. Sounds like you know what the pieces are, so give it a try and if you get stuck, post your questions to this thread.