Looking for a lesson on set and get functions and objects

I am working on the Data Structures and arrays module and I remember doing a lesson on get and set functions with an object. I cannot find this lesson for the life of me and have been looking for a solid 45 minutes. Can anyone point me in a direction to this content? If the lessons is not what I though it was an adequate explanation would work, through an article or other website.

I believe you are looking for this lesson:

Use getters and setters to Control Access to an Object

If this isn’t enough you can just use the googles to find a ton of articles on them. I think the main point to remember is that they are just another way of writing methods in a class/object. They do not have any special powers that ordinary methods don’t have. They just allow you to use a somewhat more convenient syntax.

Yes thank you. I am/was struggling on calling the methods out of the object. I do not know why I could not find that. Thanks a bunch.

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