Looking for some direction on the "Secure Real Time Multiplayer Game" Project (Information Security)

This project feels like it comes from nowhere… I just have zero clue how to create a working browser game.

I’m not here to complain about the project as a whole. The HelmetJS setup for the project is simple enough. I’ve got that working fine. I’ve also got all the logic working - at least I’ve got all the unit and functional tests are passing (both the ones on the FCC project page + the ones built into the replit boilerplate code). It’s just some basic OOP. And the socketio stuff… I haven’t touched that yet, but at least there’s a module on it (in the QA section for some reason), so I can go back and work through it again.

But I have no idea how to create/render user sprites, where to get assets for collectable, how to create a playable area, etc. etc. etc. I’ve never made a game like this, and the fCC curriculum has no resources on how to do it. So, is there any sort of guide or… something? I could really use someone to point me in the right direction.

responding to help bump this up, but i’m also curious about this as well!

Okay, I’ve completed this project!!!

Here is the project. It’s extremely basic, and probably fairly buggy. But it does work!

The resources I used:


nice job thanks for the resource links.