Looking for some feedback and some advice

Hello everybody!

I could use some feedback. I’m experiencing some strange happenings with this project.

When I scale down the page using a media query, the navbar seems to never want to scale with the page. This is the problem I run into the most when making top fixed navbars. I’ve solved it before on another project but i can’t figure out whats wrong this time.

The other thing i’m confused about is why my internal links aren’t jumping to my sections at the top but always jump to the middle of them.

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As for internal links - afaik they are navigating properly but the navbar is covering it. You can add some top padding to sections to compensate for the nav bar.

I don’t exactly understand what you mean by that. What isn’t scaling? You have a fixed height and the nav items turning to column. What is your desired outcome?

I meant to say when I change the size of the page in the browser, the width of the navbar doesn’t shrink down with the rest of the page leaving me with a blank area under the bar and to the right of my content. What I want is for it to be uniform without a (left to right) scroll bar showing up at the bottom.

Oh, right! Sorry, I got blind and didn’t notice it.

The nav bar is set up properly, it would shrink, but some other element is forcing it to behave like that.

The culprit is:

Check out the .layout width

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Thank you, i fixed that and looks like its doing what I want it to do.

your page looks great but you should consider adding

section {
  padding-top: 60px;


html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;

to your css.

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Awesome! That solved my scroll issue like a dream!
Thanks a lot!