Lost progress, no answer from support

When I logged into my account from a different PC all my progress was completely reset to 1.
I found that several users on this forum seem to have this problem, but no solution was posted, other than messaging support. However, when I did that (twice) all I got was a random, unrelated bot answer back.
Can anyone help me?



Just to be sure, your progress is gone from your profile page (not from within the challenges)?

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Not exactly sure what the difference is, but I mean the challenges from the map. Also my whatever-it-was streak was reset to 0, so as if i completely restarted the account.

To avoid repeating myself, linking:

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Thanks for the link!
I tried logging out/in, which doesnt help. Also tried different browser (Chrome native) instead Firefox (with Ghostery & uBlock Origin plugins), same situation. Progress reset in maps and profile.

I don’t think I used the beta version. I used to leave fcc in an open tab right after signing up and apparently you can’t create an account on beta.

I also don’t think this is a cache problem, because after I logged in from a different PC, I logged into my first PC, in which the tab was still open, but it synced the progress from the server (i.e. reset to 1).

So I’m mostly confused as of how I should proceed: According to the linked forum posts support can take a little. Should I continue witht the challenges or will they be lost once my account is restored? I’m thinking to just redo everything (I didn’t finish too many challenges really), but that might cause just more trouble. Also, and this is what I’m fearing most is, that this will happen in the future, when I completed more challenges and even cornerstone challenges.

Should I just restart or wait? Is it going to happen again?

Thanks for the help guys!

EDIT: Ok, I just now realized that the solution are indeed stored in my browser cache, so I can just click through all challenges and ctlr-enter to finish them. I guess I didn’t understand that properly.
That’s all I wanted and I’m happy! Thanks all for helping!!
(Should I somehow inform support now to tell them the problem is solved?)

You can also use the map to go to a specific challenge.

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