Machine Learning with Python - GitHub repository? FIXED

Hello, I am watching the videos of ML with Python and I can’t find the link to the GitHub repository to download the notebooks. Can you help me?

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The intro page for the ML projects mentions “The following lectures were created by Tim Ruscica, otherwise known as “Tech With Tim” from his educational programming YouTube channel.” I googled this and found his website, youtube, and github pages, but didn’t see anything immediately, but I would suggest digging around in one of these. If you can find the youtube videos on his channel, there are probably links in the description. You can try clicking on the youtube link in the embedded video and see if there are any links in the description there. I found one for one of the first tensorflow videos this way.

Good luck.

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I found the full course on YouTube and in the video description there are the links to the notebooks. Someone who has access to the platform could please put them in the course pages? It is quite hard to study without the notebooks.

The link to the full couse on YouTube:

I tried to put the links here but I can put only two. So there is the first notebook, but the other are on the video description:

please open an issue on github for that :slight_smile: