Made clock using js

i would like to know how is it ?
and a problem is that i want the numbers to be vertical…

When the clock first loads all the hands are pointing to the 12, but then they jerk to the correct position. Why not display clock after you have set the clock’s hands based on the current time?

I also suggest making each time piece two digits. Currently, your clock will have displays like 11:1:9 instead of 11:01:09

Also, you might want to consider adding AM and PM after the time, so you know if it is day or night.

One last thing I see is that each time the minute hand comes around to the 12, there is a split second where it will jump around to the 5 and then go back to the correct spot.

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thank you @RandellDawson :smile: you keeps on helping me .i’ll do changes which you have suggested to me .