Make a Person issues

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Hey I have tried several things and it is still not wgoing through, any help on this?
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var Person = function(firstAndLast) {
 // Only change code below this line
 // Complete the method below and implement the others similarly
 let  fullName = firstAndLast;
// console.log(name.split(" ")[1],"here")
 let firstName = fullName.split(" ")[0]
 let lastName = fullName.split(" ")[1]
 //[0].split(" ");
 this.getFirstName= function(){
   return firstName;

 this.setFirstName = function(firstName){
return firstName = firstName

 this.getLastName = function (){
   return lastName 
 this.setLastName = function(lastName){
return lastName = lastName

 this.getFullName = function() {
   return fullName ;

this.setFullName = function(fullName){
 return fullName = fullName;


var bob = new Person("Bob Ross");
console.log(bob.setFirstName("Haskell "),"first")
console.log(bob.setFullName("Haskell Ross"),"fullname")
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Challenge: Make a Person

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What do the failing tests say? What else have you tried?

There is one thing that jumps out at me:

What is this method supposed to return?

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I am setting firstName = firstName oor assingning firstName to the name provid it by a user.