Make a Person: My code doesn't seem to pass some tests

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What’s wrong with my code? I’ve tried to test them on JS bin and they seem to be fine?

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var Person = function(firstAndLast) {
  // Complete the method below and implement the others similarly
  var fullName = firstAndLast;

  this.getFullName = function() {
    return fullName;

  this.getFirstName = function(){
    return fullName.split(" ")[0];

  this.getLastName = function(){
    return fullName.split(" ")[1];

  this.setLastName = function(last){
    fullName = `${fullName.split(" ")[0]} ${last}`;
  this.setFirstName = function(first){
    fullName = `${first} ${fullName.split(" ")[1]}`;
    return fullName;
  this.setFullname = function(firstAndLast){
    fullName = firstAndLast;


var bob = new Person('Bob Ross');

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Nevermind. I figured it out. :smiley: