Make image caption respect image width in html table/2 cells

I have a css issue with my website? My responsive images are suddenly smaller (in larger screens). I have them in a simple html table with 2 cells, 1 for the image and the other for the caption.

I had the caption td size as width: 1px !important (captionwidth class), so the caption can stay the same width as the image, but now both the image and caption are smaller in larger screens (using Bootstrap v3.3.4).

Here is an example page of the issue.

I am using Bootstrap v3.3.4. I saw this answer, but I am stuck with static html tables to fix (so I need just a quick fix for the current table format until migration later).

Here is an example page.

I am using Win 10, browser Chrome version 95.0.4638.54.

It’s working for me. the picture is big when I’m full screen, 24 inches, and gets smaller as I narrow the window until I hit mobile width then it’s appropriately big again.
It’s possible, when developing, to get stuck in the browser’s cache and not see the changes.

Thanks @tlc35us for the reply. I added a screenshot and the browser I am using.

This is sample test method

When I’m fullscreen (1920 wide ) on a mac, firefox 78.15.0

Could it be a windows/browser issue? I even tried with 2 sites that create a screenshot and they did the same issue of small images:

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