Make Links Navigatable with HTML Access Keys !PLEASE HELP!

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I have tried 2 times unsuccessfully, so now I’m asking for help. Probably once you tell me what I did wrong I’m going to face palm myself and say something like: “I’m so stupid to not try that!”

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    <h1>Deep Thoughts with Master Camper Cat</h1>
    <button accesskey="g"><h2><a id="first" href="">The Garfield Files: Lasagna as Training Fuel?</a></h2></button>
    <p>The internet is littered with varying opinions on nutritional paradigms, from catnip paleo to hairball cleanses. But let's turn our attention to an often overlooked fitness fuel, and examine the protein-carb-NOM trifecta that is lasagna...</p>
    <button accesskey="c"><h2><a id="second" href="">Is Chuck Norris a Cat Person?</a></h2></button>
    <p>Chuck Norris is widely regarded as the premier martial artist on the planet, and it's a complete coincidence anyone who disagrees with this fact mysteriously disappears soon after. But the real question is, is he a cat person?...</p>
  <footer>&copy; 2018 Camper Cat</footer>

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Access keys can work on button elements but they also work on <a> elements. The example showed an access key attribute on a button element. But to solve the challenge you are asked to put access keys on the links. So you have the right idea you’re just applying it to the wrong kind of element

so above is one of the lines you changed and below are the instructions pasted for our convenience:

Add an accesskey attribute to both links and set the first one to “g” (for Garfield) and the second one to “c” (for Chuck Norris).

So you have added an accesskey ‘g’ to a new button element that you added to the html (which was not there to begin with). This makes me think that you interpreted the word ‘link’ in the instruction “Add…to…link” to mean “Add…[button]”.

In HTML though a link is normally this tag
<a href=
which is also called an ‘a’ tag or an ‘anchor’ tag.

It happens that if you reset the code (there’s a button called reset that you can use to do that), you will count exactly 2 <a tags in the original code. These are the links that the instructions referred to and to which the new accesskey tag is to be added.

Hope this helps.