Make Object Properties Private Please Help

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Not sure what I’m missing. Been working on this problem for a couple of days now.

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var Car = function() {
  // this is a private variable
  var speed = 10;

  // these are public methods
  this.accelerate = function(change) {
    speed += change;

  this.decelerate = function() {
    speed -= 5;

  this.getSpeed = function() {
    return speed;

var Bike = function() {

  // Only change code below this line.
  var gear;
  this.getGear = function(change) {
    speed = 4;
  this.setGear = function(change) {
    speed = 4;

var myCar = new Car();

var myBike = new Bike();

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Here’s what you’ve got right:

  • You have the private property gear
  • You have an object method called getGear
  • You have an object method called setGear

Here’s what you have wrong:

  • Your method getGear does not return the value of gear
  • Your method setGear does not set the value of gear to anything but the number 4
  • You are calling myBike.setGear and myBike.getGear in your object method for some reason

Read the info on the left carefully, especially the instructions.