Making Href (linking) underlines thinner?

Hello. I have some code that needs redoing. You can see the code at

I wanted to make the lines under the words thinner. These are the lines for the Href Link. I’ve tried many variations of css smallerizing (is this a word?) -minimizing - the lines, but fail dismally each time. Can anyone help. My bold dreams were something to the way Matt Drudge produces thin Href lines under his links, on his website.


Are you looking for something closer to this?

So truly yes I am. That’s exactly it - as long as it still links. How did you do it?

Thank you btw nhcarrigan

Hello Nicholas, Thanks for the inspiration. Could not have done it with out you.

I took some hours, of blood sweat and tears, but my mission was accomplished after seeing that it was achievable. Thank you sir!


I am glad you were able to find a solution!

The CSS I used for that image involved the text-decoration property and the border-bottom property.