Manage State Locally First Map not a Function

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// running test is not a function is not a function
// tests completed

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class DisplayMessages extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      input: '',
      messages: []

    this.handleChange = this.handleChange.bind(this)
    this.submitMessage = this.submitMessage.bind(this)
  // add handleChange() and submitMessage() methods here

      input: '',
      messages: this.state.messages.push(this.state.input)
  render() {
    const messages ={
      return <li> {message} </li>}
    return (
        <h2>Type in a new Message:</h2>
          value={this.state.input} />
        <button onClick={this.submitMessage}> 
          Add Message


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Array.prototype.push does not return the array as you’re expecting, but the length of the array after pushing the element. You’ll have to refactor submitMessage.

Thanks, .concat did the trick. But i think is not the right way to do it, cuz .concat modifies the original array , so is redundant. Any Better way?


It doesn’t, though. Array.prototype.concat returns a new array, which is how it works in your code. I wouldn’t worry about optimizing this any further, just move on to bigger problems.

Thanks for pointing out the return value using the Array.prototype.push method. I was having the same issue, but reading this resolved it for me. I refactored using the spread operator.