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i want to find live url to submit freecodecamp but i can’t find it.

where is live url?

If you are using, then there should be a url showing above the preview pane. In the example below, then url is I highlighted the url in blue.

thanks to relpy, but in my page, there are no url above the preview pane. how can i find it?

You first need to run npm install in the console unless you already see a package-lock.json. Then click the Run button to get the live preview.

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oh really thank you. when you look at my question, I may look like a fool, but thank you for answering.

There are no dumb questions here. There is a bug that popped up late last week with Before the bug, you would import and everything would install automatically and all you had to do was change code and click ‘Run’. Now it is more complicated.