Manipulating Complex Objects i'm confused someone please help me

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var myMusic = [
    "artist": "Billy Joel",
    "title": "Piano Man",
    "release_year": 1973,
    "formats": [ 
      "LP" ],
    "gold": true
  // Add record here

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Can you give us more detail about which part of the instructions you do not understand? Do you not understand how add elements to an array? Do you not understand the requirements of the object/album you are suppose to add?

var myMusic = [
“artist”: “Billy Joel”,
“title”: “Piano Man”,
“release_year”: 1973,
“formats”: [
“LP” ],
“gold”: true

“title”: “HOMEWORK”,
“formats” : [“OP”,“1T”,“IOP”],
“gold”:true// Add record here

This is what I have done so far but it seem not right , I got stuck here.
part that i don’t understand is that what do they mean by adding strings to it?

You surround the above with [ ] which is used to represent an array, but you have written it as if it is an object (which is correct). You need to surround your object with the correct characters. Also, remember that myMusic is an array. How do you separate elements of an array?

You added strings for your title and artist properties, so you are fine there. Just fix the part I mentioned above and you will pass the challenge.