Manipulating Complex Objects using JS

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i don’t know like how to solve it… could some one plz help me what should i learn for to have a successful submission of that challenge

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var myMusic = [
    "artist": "Billy Joel",
    "title": "Piano Man",
    "release_year": 1973,
    "formats": [ 
      "LP" ],
    "gold": true
  // Add record here

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Do you not understand what the challenge is asking you to do or do you not understand how to add elements to an array? Tell us what part you do not understand.

Both of them i don’t understand :frowning:

Review this challenge you should have already completed on how to create an array.

The challenge you are asking about is just an array of objects, so each element is an object. You just have to add another object (an album in this case) similar to the existing object the challenges starts with.

okay , thanks :slight_smile: