Mapbox with javascript


I am building a website for weather and i add a map from mapbox but i would like to know if i can use a radar api to show on map the weather for example nexrad radar or the spc outlook. Thank You

Javascript Code : Severe-Storms-Media---Map/script.js at master · JoeyCreator/Severe-Storms-Media---Map · GitHub

My website:

Link below of what i want to on the map

Storm Prediction Center:

That you haven’t received any replies yet might mean that no one here has any experience with integrating nexrad with mapbox. I think you’ll have better odds of getting an answer if you ask in a forum specifically for mapbox. I don’t have any experience with mapbox, I just searched ‘mapbox help forum’ and found this link. You can easily do the same I’m sure :slight_smile:

@Joeycadieux1 I’ve some experience with mapbox api but not with nextrad. I’ve used mapbox in conjunction with cqgis. You can send me a pm if you like, perhaps i can take a look