Mapping from an object in an array?

Hello everyone, I am stuck again.
I have a function that adds the html elements to an array, and then I want map the array on the next component with some of the information.
So my state looks like this: (with a bunch more elements)

<h5 class="ph2 ph0-ns pb3 link db">Service 1</h5>
<p id="This is wear you would describe what this item is." class="f5 f4-ns mb0 black-90">This is wear you would describe what this item is.</p>

and I am a little stumped on how I would map this. Has anyone done things like this before?
Thanks in advance for your help. => {c.title} )

I’m not sure why this is throwing an error. Any help in this would be appreciated

Careful with your syntax.

map(c => {c.title} )

You have no return statement. You can miss out the return keyword if it’s a single expression, but you also miss out the curpy brackets if that’s the case. It’s difficult to tell exactly what you’re trying to do, but I assume you want:

map(c => c.title)

Which is the same as

map(function (c) {
  return c.title


map(c => {
  return c.title

Hi, thanks for your reply!
Sorry I didn’t post my whole code. I have a return statement

class Cart extends Component {
    state = { 
        cart: null
     componentDidMount() {
    render() { 
        if (this.props.cart.length !== 0) 
        return ( <div> 
       => {
  <p> title: {}</p>
            <button className="btn btn-success">CheckOut</button>
            ); else return (<h4 className="servicestitle">Add items to your cart and they will appear here.</h4>)

Do you still see anything wrong here? It’s giving me a “Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression” error message.

Again, the syntax for your map callback function is incorrect, you aren’t returning a value.