Mario database bug

I’m currently at the following question in the Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database track:

When I run the correct SQL command from the hint I get the following error:

You should view the “character_id” and “name” column’s from “more_info” for Toad’s row

However, “character_id” and “name” are in the “characters” table and not the “more_info” table as stated in the error. Even the hint in the screenshot above shows the correct SQL command but it does not work.

I’ve reset the progress but that did not help.

What can I do so that this will accept the correct SQL command and I can move forward?

Can you post actual input and output from the terminal? The information you have shared so far it is not sufficient to start making an educated guess.

Thank you for the quick reply. Completely logging out and restarting CodeRoad seems to have fixed the problem.