Marquee HTML, Loop Behavior


Greetings to all,

Can someone show me the code, on how can I fix this marquee behavior:

Once the text was pass on the right side, then it will immediately appear on the left side:

In this case, the marquee will finish first the whole sentence before showing again on the left side.


Do have any code you can show? What have you tried?

still i didnt code, i try to search syntax from the internet but i cant find

You can’t do that with the <marquee> tag unfortunately. This is a good guide:

Thanks, @ArcticPirate that is way i can’t find the answer, almost 1 day searching

Oh, that is what you meant by Marquee HTML. Honestly, you probably shouldn’t be using that element as it’s obsolete. I’m still not 100% sure I get it though, do you want the text to wrap around?

Here is a very hacky way of making it look like it is wrapping.

Edit: it doesn’t really work it will break if the tab doesn’t have focus and switching back later. Not sure how to make it more reliable. Anyway it was just an idea.