Match Characters that Occur Zero or More Times ( don't understand the concept )

et chewieQuote = "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!";

let chewieRegex = /Aa*/; // Change this line

let result = chewieQuote.match(chewieRegex);



Guys please help me out on this… I passed the test but I still don’t get the concept at all. I tried testing it myself by putting only an “A” in there and it returned “A” in the console so i was like “alright… cool” and then i put a SMALL “a” and it returned nothing… this is baffling guys especially as why the answer is “Aa”? I’m so confused can someone pls assist me on this.

That’s weird, you know, you should be using the * character- it’s weird that you can pass this without using that character

Anyway, it is weird also that it doesn’t show anything. result should be Aa with this code

Actually I forgot to put the * symbol infront but yeah i passed with “Aa*” but I don’t understand the concept hence why i made this post
p.s let me edit the post again to put the star

edit: i just didn’t copy and paste the answer here… let me do it above