Menu- take me to, to the other side

Hi there,
I’m freshly new to coding.
while trying to solve challange no’2
I took menu snippet and tryed to manipulte it and learn through that.

I’v fixed a lot of bugs, but there’s one bugger that I can’t solve, how to move all of the menu to the right.
this is my codepen:

I’v tried align content, item, text; flow right, margins etc’
but I don’t know:
1.What’s the propper way to do it?
2.Where to use it in my code?
3.And why using it above all other options?

much ablage!

Hi @Nadav991!
I tried to see your work, but the link doesn’t redirect me to your project.
Can you solve this so I can help you solving your bug?
Thanks and good morning,