Meredith Henderson Tribute Page


I think Ι’m mostly done with the first project. I would like to receive feedback about the page and ideas about things I could implement.

I quite like your layout. One idea to implement would be to have the bio text section source it’s text from somewhere like Wikipedia. That way, as the wiki is updated, so is your tribute.


Hi @F.d-s, very nice looking page. The only thing I noticed was you used the same id more than once.

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I would love to know how to do it. Can you please point me to some useful resource. I did some google search but I could not find it. @Sky020

One of the most interesting and beginner-friendly approaches would be with Web Scraping.
Mostly, because I have wound web scraping to be a useful tool, but, also, because it is rather universal. Just stay on the legal side of things.

The idea would be to write a function that checks the datetime stamp of the wikipedia page, whenever your page is loaded.
If the wikipedia page has been updated from the previous value, then your function calls another function to update the data.

These are just my immediate thoughts of how I would do it. Having two functions means that the rather simple and quick first function will always run, whilst the content loading function will only be called when needed. Again, though, personally, I would write the webscraping function in Python. So, if you know Python, then learn webscraping in that; I found it to be the most robust method.

good to know…thanks for reply…