Met all the objectives of the tribute challenge would like a review

I keep playing around with the bullet points but can’t seem to make the bullet points center with the text. Also, it worries but has anyone continuously looked back to make sure your code is right or to look up how use a tag?
I’m really new to this and feel like it’s cheating myself and that I’m not learning when I keep looking back. Is this normal or am I just really slow and not understanding this? Styling and laying out I find the hardest part for me.

Of course its normal, especially when your starting out. You will always have to look at docs and previous code because we’re human - we forget things we have done before. The more you do things, the easier it becomes. Take driving a car for instance. If you are just starting out it is not unusual to consult the driver’s manual several times, but eventually you just drive from experience. But even then you sometimes have to look a feature or something up.

As for the css,

li {
  list-style-position: inside;

p.s. I looked that up even though I’ve used it before :wink:

Overall, this looks good. Just a couple of things I would suggest:

Bring in the “ul” a little, and keep the text-left for the “li”. Also, I believe this should be a timeline section, so perhaps adding the dates of those positions (or age of overcoming asthma) would be helpful.

I love your quote.

Thank you both I revised my code slightly and played the unordered list a bit more. Didn’t realize ul also acted as a block and setting the width in CSS helped center the list and not just the text.