Metric/Imp Converter - feedback please

Information Security and Quality Assurance Projects - Metric-Imperial Converter - Project Link.

Finally finished the project . Although the project requirements were simple, With this project I faced a lot of issues as I wanted to add some more features of my own and solved them with learning more coding skills. Now I can add more items to this project to make it more valuable.

Your feedback for any improvement will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hey there. You’ve got a few color accessibility issues (i.e. the text does not have enough color contrast for the background it is on). You can test accessibility at

Responsiveness to width changes is pretty good, but when I increase the text size the ‘Convert!’ button text starts to disappear, as well as the text entered in the input.

Speaking of the input at the top, it needs a <label>. If you really don’t want text associated with it on the screen then you could visually hide the label (google ‘css visually hidden’) or you could use the aria-label attribute on the input.

Don’t skip heading levels. You start with an <h1> and go straight to <h3>. Those should all be <h2>s. And then the <h6> would be an <h3>.

I know you want everyone to know that you created this, but your face and name are overlapping content as I scroll down the page.

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@bbsmooth thank you for your valuable feedback which will also be very useful for my other projects. I’ll fix them and let you know for further review.

@bbsmooth thank you once again, I fixed the issues. Can you please check it again for any other suggestion. During fixing the issues, I also learnt about sitemap in express - surely it’s your feedback which took me there.

It appears you’ve tried to solve the text size issue by using ‘vh’ units. You don’t want to do that. Using view port units means that the only way the user can change the text size is to make the browser window taller. What if they can’t make it tall enough for what they need? Please use ‘em’ or ‘rem’ units for all font sizes.

Everything else looks good.

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Hello @thetradecoder. I’ve created a video with some feedback on your project hope you like it :slight_smile:

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@alexiorodrigues thank you for your valuable time for the feedback. Waiting for the video .

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