Metric-Imperial Converter project dont work

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I did all the tests correctly but I can’t pass because clicking ‘I have completed this challenge’ doesn’t advance to the next challenge


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Challenge: Metric-Imperial Converter

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@moT01 What would cause this? I cloned the repo and ran into the same issue locally too. Passes all the tests. Is the app hanging or is the FCC site hanging?

It worked for me just now. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch?

Edit: actually I didn’t test it locally but using CodeSandbox so maybe that is why?

Wait, doesn’t it have to be a publicly visible URL for the submission? You can test it locally but you can’t do the final submission.

That is correct. You must submit a live hosted url to get the certification.

@MatiasJoaquinReynoso what are you submitting the localhost one or what?

Isn’t that the issue then?

Let me deploy to a subdomain on my website to see.

Maybe, but you would think there should be some kind of warning message instead of it just sitting there like nothing happened. How does the tester know whether the url is hosted or not? And if it can tell the difference, then there should be one additional test that only passes if the url is live and not localhost.

It should give the message in an info box

Remember to submit a publicly visible app URL.

Yes, but it does not prevent you from clicking the submit button if it is localhost. Maybe that is a feature we should add. It should not let you submit in my opinion.

Thank you guys for the answers, I used localhost because I saw on youtube that some did it that way and it worked but now I will create a livehosted

I mean it is letting you test it with the code locally which is fine, you just can’t submit it.

Are you saying you are getting the completion modal?

No, I am just saying, I think there should be a little better visual indication why it did not submit (the fact that it is not a live url).

yup i cant , l the modal does not appear

OK, just so we are all on the same page. You are both seeing this message right?

Yes. I guess I still expect a success message (since all tests did pass). The way it works right now just feels like something has hung up or something. I just did not expect it to work this way.

I have solved it by creating a repo in replit, thanks to all for the help btw