Metric-Imperial Converter project dont work

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I did all the tests correctly but I can’t pass because clicking ‘I have completed this challenge’ doesn’t advance to the next challenge


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Challenge: Metric-Imperial Converter

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It worked for me just now. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch?

Edit: actually I didn’t test it locally but using CodeSandbox so maybe that is why?

Wait, doesn’t it have to be a publicly visible URL for the submission? You can test it locally but you can’t do the final submission.

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@MatiasJoaquinReynoso what are you submitting the localhost one or what?

Isn’t that the issue then?

It should give the message in an info box

Remember to submit a publicly visible app URL.

Thank you guys for the answers, I used localhost because I saw on youtube that some did it that way and it worked but now I will create a livehosted

I mean it is letting you test it with the code locally which is fine, you just can’t submit it.

Are you saying you are getting the completion modal?

yup i cant , l the modal does not appear

OK, just so we are all on the same page. You are both seeing this message right?

I have solved it by creating a repo in replit, thanks to all for the help btw

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