Metric Imperial Converter - Rounding Issue

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I’m having an issue with outputting the number and including the 5th digit. It seems during my conversions using parseFloat and toFixed, there is a rounding that is occuring to the 4th decimal place and I cannot get it to output as a number with the 5th digit. I cannot figure out where this rounding is coming from and when it rounds it sets the last digit to 0 and then will not print the final digit.


  • Error: expected 2.6417 to equal 2.64172
  • Error: expected 22.0462 to equal 22.04624
  • Error: expected 0.61214 to equal 0.62137

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Challenge: Metric-Imperial Converter

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This issue is resolved. My problem was caused by not Dividing against the conversion rate. All of my conversions were multiplications and it retrieved slightly different answers than using a division equation in terms of rounding to get it to pass the tests.

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