Missing CSS file when upload github website

I just uploaded my files in github for portfolio website as https://annient48.github.io/, but all styles I apply in style.css do not show up when I load my link. Could someone please help me? Here is my github for the site.


It’s just because the directory you store style.css is CSS (upper case) but in your HTML the link to your style sheet is css/style.css (lower case).

I hope that helps! :smile:

Hi @honmanyau,
Thanks for reply. I have updated the file but then the page still misses the css style when I load the github link.

Sorry @honmanyau, I just refreshed a few more times, and now it shows :slight_smile:
However, in my resume link, it does not show the api for map. Is there a way to fix it?
Here is the demo link for my resume

@AnT48 The site looks OK here. Could you do a Ctrl + Shift + R ? I’m not sure if it’s your browser cache or not. If it is, that’d fix it right up :grin:

Hi @aktsbot,
Thanks for reply. It does show now, however, I run into another issue. When I load resume page, the API map does not display anymore. Is there a way to fix it?

I haven’t used Google’s Map API before but it looks like your script isn’t loading to begin with. It’s probably just an issue with a missing ‘s’ after http for your link to the script (you can see this error in the console). Perhaps add the missing ‘s’ and give it a go!

Could you change the http call to https on line 20 of https://annient48.github.io/resume/index.html ?

That might be the problem.