Missing how to alter HTML with JS in JavaScript Course

I absolutely love how FreeCodeCamp works and therefor i want to thank you.

About my problem;
There is something i kinda miss when it comes to learning JavaScript. Something that is important in my opinion. We can learn all the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but not how we can JavaScript to alter things in HTML or CSS. I recommend to use FreeCodeCamp to many people who wants to learn webdevelopment, but this is the part where they struggle a lot. It would be very helpful if you consider to add HTML/JS altering to the JavaScript course.

that is introduce in the next certification

though you are right that it is not explained with pure javascript - it may be the right time to consult some javascript documentation and learn about it on your own

What’s the point of FreeCodeCamp then if i have to learn it on my own with some documentation?

it is a starting point
FreeCodeCamp doesn’t want to teach everything about a language, but it gives the basics to be able to apply the suggested Read-Search-Ask technique whatever you want to accomplish

no course can really teach everything about a language

Learning how to address HTML or CSS with JS is pretty basic stuff if you ask me. That’s why i find it odd that it isn’t in the course.

it’s not like it is not mentioned at all, the following certification is all about that