Missing paylaod tab in get api call,

I am calling a get request and the stripe returns some details of the data,
but that detail is not in payload for the api,

instead it is in response and no payload tab is in chrome’s network tab,

@qaisar.khan Hi,
When you send a request from front-end to back-end the request will have a response which is, as you said, is shown in the response tab of the Google developer tools. There is no payload tab in developer tools. But the payload you send from the back-end is included within the response (which you can see in the response tab). These are general terms in HTTP. You send a request, and you received a response for that request. Payload is something that we use to identify the data that we return in response. It is just a term.
Hope I help you to understand this. Please ask if you need further clarifications. Happy coding! :grinning:

thats great bro,
and so thankful for your precious time,
i got it sorted , I was conoling the payload response in wrong useEffect hook that was giving me empty,
even redux logger was giving me payload on the action fulfilled,

it is sorted now and than you again for the time and support

You are mostly welcome. Glad I could give a helping hand :innocent:

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