Mistake in Basic CSS: Variables

Hi guys! I’m new here!

I started coding in HTML at the age of 8 but then picked up a PHP book and got totally discouraged because I couldn’t understand how it all ties together. I messed around a lot with Open Source CMS’es, edited stuff etc but never really built stuff from the group up. So now at 25, I’ve come back to try to learn coding (as well as on here, I’ve enrolled in a bunch of Udemy courses, currently studying Python), I’ve got a test on Wednesday to enroll in a Distance Learning Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree and then plan on doing a post-grad in Software Engineering after, while trying to learn how to code PROPERLY at home. I’ve always loved coding but I felt really intimidated by the other languages. ANYWAYYYYY. Life story over, I found a little mistake in the CSS course, that might confuse absolute beginners. The variable --penguin-skin is repeated 3 times. I hope that can help someone in the future! :slight_smile: