Misunderstood error, probably a bug

In the Front End Development Library Certification section, I have an error that I don’t fully understand. The error is as follows: “act(…) is not supported in production builds of React, and might not behave as expected.”

After doing some research, I found out that the function act() is used for testing, and if I’m encountering this error, it means that this function has not been used correctly.

I’m encountering this error at the step “React → Create a controlled Input” in the Front End Development Library Certification course.

The warning is not related to your code not passing.


You are missing an attribute on the input element.

In the render method, create the input element above the h4 tag. Add a value attribute which is equal to the input property of the component’s state .

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You are right, I’m sorry, I forgot the “value” attribute.

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