Mobile App for Vein-Imaging

Dear All, I need help, of course a technical one.

I would like to develop a MobileApp for finding the vein- viewer which could be used for medical application to find veins. All recent mobile phones have LED flash light, camera and recently some smart phones come with micro projector as well. In order to pick the vein we need IR light sources (IR in 740nm to 900 nm veins are visible as veins contain reduced hemoglobin) How can I make a very accurate vein -viewer app for obese and infant skin? FYI, the mobile camera has IR blocking filter

I understand we have to write a program for ARM processors, but how far can we reach up to the android operating system to get a clear and accurate a real time vein picture on our skin?

FYI some references are here

Thanks and regards
VT Gopakumar

if you need IR light, a LED will not help, so not with a smartphone

Yes,ieahan, but the camaera has a IR blocking filter, is it possible to remove the IR blocking filter during vein-viewing?

if the filter is phisical, no, as that would mean you need to disassemble the phone, if the filter is digital then yes

Thank you, I am not sure whether the IR filter is digital.