Mock api not working

I generate the error, “Something went wrong” in my console, even though I have the correct url and I believed that I registered the project on my site correctly when attempting to send an ajax request.

link to mock API:

link to code from code pen:

Each time this code is run, the 404 error shows up in my console

Can you explain how to recreate the error? Give us the step-by-step procedure to reproduce the issue.

Nothing really to recreate. Just refresh the page and , look at the console in the chrome or firefox browser, and it should show the message “Something went wrong” as would be written in my JS code if I got a url error.

You are getting that error, because the endpoint you reference with the following url does not exist. You receive a 404 error.

Would need to see the structure of your api to help you further.

You can try to access the above url directly and get the same 404 error message “Not found”. What other endpoints does the api have? Can you get to them directly?