Module import and export

Hi, I’m learning to use the import and export modules but they don’t work. I am running it with the “node app” command from the visual studio code console.

from app.js
export let name = "Panterx";
/* ======================== */
from main.js
import name from "./app"

node doesn’t use es6 modules by default. This is how you might work it out using node’s module system:

/** app.js */ = 'Panterx';

/** main.js */
const { name } = require('./app');

You can run es6 modules on node (assuming your version is >= 8.5), but you’ll need to use the --experimental-modules flag and rename the files with the .mjs extension.

/** app.mjs */
export let name = 'Panterx';

/** main.mjs */
import { name } from './app'; // use braces for non-default exports
$ node --experimental-modules main.mjs

Thanks man! It helped me a lot.