MongoDB and Mongoose - Create a Model test failed

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i have no idea what is wrong with my code. The test fails with the message “Creating an instance from a mongoose schema should succeed”. PLEASE help !
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here is my code :

const mongoose = require(‘mongoose’);

const Schema = mongoose.Schema;

const personSchema = new Schema({
name: {type: String, required: true, unique: true},
age: Number,
favoriteFoods : [String]

const Person = mongoose.model(“Person”, personSchema);
const newGuy = new Person({
name: “John”,
age: 22,
favoriteFoods : [“apple”, “orange”]

solution: boilerplate-mongomongoose (4) - Replit

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Challenge: MongoDB and Mongoose - Create a Model

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You remove the exports below the line

//----- **DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE** ----------------------------------

I would suggest you keep all the functions as well that are in the starting code.