MongoDB and Mongoose - Create a Model

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Error is:
Failed: Creating an instance from a mongoose schema should succeed

but source looks good for me.

i pressed tips and was reading here:

i see no differences.

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solution: boilerplate-mongomongoose - Replit

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Challenge: MongoDB and Mongoose - Create a Model

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Look at favouriteFoods in your Schema, and compare it to the solution code.

Edit: This should have been updated, not sure if it just hasn’t landed yet.

Change favouriteFoods to favoriteFoods

I see the commit on prod-current but the last build looks to be from feb 28 so I guess it just isn’t updated yet.


Yes thanks
the task is different then the solution (now it works). :point_right:
its not updated at the moment ( 23-0311_0447-43 ).

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