Mongodb can't create a database user with MongoDB Atlas

I’m sorry, I’m trying to set up a MongoDB Atlas account according to the instructions.

I’ve waited for this: " You should now see the message, Your cluster is being created - New clusters take between 7-10 minutes to provision. Wait until the cluster is created before going to the next step."
And now the instruction says:
" You should be able to see the green Get Started button on the bottom left of your screen, you can click this button to see at which step of the process you are in, if you click on it now, you can see the next step is to Create your first database user , go ahead and click on that step."
But I don’t see this button.
Here is what I see:
I’ve tried searching for it, clicking something, but cannot find it anywhere…
I would appreciate any help very much

P.S. I was able to figure out the steps from the manual. For some reason the “Get Started” button didn’t appear for me. Maybe I did something wrong there, or they’ve removed it…

Welcome to freeCodeCamp.
Don’t worry follow this steps:-

  • Click on Database access on left side. Afterwards

    • Click on the green ADD NEW USER button.
    • Enter a user name and password and then select Read or write to any database under user privileges, remember to store your username and password somewhere safe.
    • Click on the ADD USER green button in the bottom right of the modal.*
  • Then click on Network access

    • Click on the green ADD IP ADDRESS button.
    • In the modal, click the ALLOW ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE button and you should see pre-filled for the whitelist entry field, click the green Confirm button.

Now follow along on this link and READ from connect to your cluster.
freecodecamp setup Connect To your cluster