Mongodb Compass not able to login

I am new to MongoDB.
I downloaded a copy of MongoDb Compass and has been trying to create a new Connection for the last couple of hours without avail.

The error it gives me is pasword must be a string.
I have since altered my password to contains 8 characters (no special characters, just alphabets) but still it gives me the same errro.
I hope some once can advise me how to resolve this error in order to proceed to create a database.

Windows 0S.
Mongodb Compass 1.12.

Are you using a connection string or filling the fields manually?

I’m going to give you both examples with my working connection in case it’s useful to you.


Thank you so much Kelvin. The 2nd method works for me. The copy and paste still gives me the same error, for some strange reason. I am happy at least now I can create a database from here.

Thank you once again. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome, I’m glad that the alternative worked.