Mongodb User and Login

can you help me? I should do a DB on Mongodb called Blog,
with a User collection with inside:
Username and Email
and a Login collection
with inside
Username connected to Username_User
and Password Hash (bycript), only the cryptata password must be saved in the DB and not the one set by the user

can you help me?

I think , if I understand correctly, you need to authenticate a user and store the relevant authentication information into MongoDB , correct ?
If so could you provide your existing codebase ? Are you using any node authentication libraries like passport for instance?
You need to show at what point exactly that you are stuck. If you haven’t even started your project and not sure where to start, I recommend you go through the fCC Apis And Microservices & Information Security And Quality Assurance lessons. After that I’d checkout this tutorial .

I am working with Node. We usually encrypt the text password with ‘bcrypt’ module and then save. Also decrypt with the same.