Mongoose finding documents

I have schemas

  1. For user
let userSet = new Schema({
    email: String,
    password: String,
    polls: []
  1. For poll
let pollSchema = new Schema({
    name: String,
    options: []

When user create poll, it will be stored in Polls collections and in “polls” user field

So the problem:
I need to find a user who has in array “polls” a poll with special(unic) id
I try to do it like this:

userModel.find({"polls": {_id: request.body["id"]}}, (err, user) => {

but it does not work
Please, suggest where to start to solve this

In what way does it not work? Do you get an error? Are you sure that request.body.[“id”] is what you expect it to be?

I’m not sure, but looking at the docs:

It seems like you should just be able to do

userModel.find({“polls”: request.body[“id”]}, (err, user) =>

assuming that “request.body[“id”]” is the string you’re looking for in the array

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Thanks a lot!
A still cannot match by id, but now able to match by field “name” :)))
Using this example code from documentation []

var cursor = db.collection('inventory').find({ 
  "instock.qty": { $lte: 20 }

am i the only one who thinks that this sitting on the top of db queries stuff only adds unneeded complications

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