More complicated than I thought

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re doing well! I started FCC with “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification”.
I already had some knowledge of javascript which helped me a lot at the beginning!
I just “finished” the first part (basic javascript) with a lot of difficulty especially at the end where I was almost obliged to read the solutions and even with the solutions I didn’t understand much…

English is not my mother tongue so it doesn’t help me either but it doesn’t matter I’m dealing with this difficulty even if it should take more time to reach my goals…

I’m going to start again about half way (where i started to struggle) through the course so I won’t be frustrated anymore not to understand anything.

I’m also going to take notes because sometimes I don’t memorize well and after 3 lessons I don’t know how to do what was explained just 3 lessons before …

I want to be able to express my creativity through programming and make it my job!

It’s going to be a long way but I’m not the kind of person to give up I hope I can continue like this ! :100:

edit : I just read someone who speak about " Analysis paralysis" , lol i’m in this thing so hard, sometimes i’m completely blocked and I can’t understand anything anymore.


I think that attitude will be very helpful for you. There are times when it gets hard. You just have to keep trying until you understand.

Hey @volrod!

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What you are feeling is completely normal. There is a reason why this section is called You Can Do This. Remember that programming is hard. If it were easy you would be able to learn it in a weekend and it would pay very little. But that obviously is not the case.

Not only are you learning JavaScript but you are still learning programming basics and trying to make sense of how the pieces fit together.

It is important to just take your time, research and ask questions. You don’t need to memorize code. That is literally impossible. There is a reason why documentation exists. It is important to understand the basic concepts and how it works. Professional programmers look things up all of the time.

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thank you for the motivation you give me ! I’ll do my best !! :heart:

Thank you a lot for this ! :slight_smile: You are absolutely right…
Yes after a long night of thinking I realized that it was almost impossible to memorize ALL the code.
I’m going to do my best to get my certificate with 100% understanding of the code, for the moment I’m far from it but it will come little by little.

I think it’s not about “you shouldn’t do it because it’s impossible”, but because conscious memorizing code (with rote review) doesn’t make that much sense.

Let me ask you this:

  • How many skills in life you are able to do? I mean “You are good at it”-level. E.g. when you lie on the floor, you can stand up; when you see a bike, you can ride it; when you see a text, you can read it; you know
  • Where did we learn this very odd method of memorizing stuff? In school. Actually rote review is a method we learned in school to pass tests. Teachers ask a lot of useless detail questions. Although you know the ins and outs of a historical event and why it happened, if you don’t know the correct date, you failed. This is why we think conscious memorizing is important, because we think we will fail in a test. But we are not in school any more.

In real life, useful stuff gets memorized on itself by using it. You never read a manual how to hold a fork to eat. You started with holding it in the wrong direction (as a toddler) and seeing that this doesn’t work. You modified your approach and now you know how this works.

So my best idea is to use the stuff and try to understand why it exists and how it works (= the concepts behind it). How to implement it is 1s away in the docs.

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