More efficient way to code Fibonacci array?

For the Sum Fibonacci Numbers exercise I used the following loop to generate my sequence:

  for (var i=0; i<33; i++) { 
    if (fibSequence[i] + fibSequence[i+1] <= num) {
    else {

I didn’t love the idea of hardcoding the limit of i<33 and adding an if statement to limit the loop iterations. I have a feeling there is a more efficient way to code this, but it hasn’t come to me. Did anyone else come up with a better solution?

maybe this ? :

  var fib = [1, 1];

  while(fib[fib.length-1] <= num) {
    var lastTwo = fib.slice(-2);
    fib.push(lastTwo[0] + lastTwo[1]);
  fib.pop(); // remove the last number which is beyond num

It did. So I first generated a Fibonacci sequence, then I removed any values divisible by 2 afterwards. Then used reduce to get the sum. Perhaps not the best way, but it made sense to me.

A good exercice would be to do it in one step (computing the sum along the loop).But for now, good job